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Violin, Viola, & Fiddle

The violin has been around a long time, and it continues to produce one of the most-loved sounds in music. The beauty of the violin is timeless! That said, it’s not the easiest string instrument to pick up and play well right away, so be prepared to practice (and parents, be prepared to hear some interesting sounds for the first couple months). But the results are worth it, and our violin students at Sense & Color absolutely love their instruments and their teachers!

The violin may be small, but its power is unmistakable, and its versatility makes it useful in almost every genre.

Violin is great for helping students learn good posture and focus, and it’s great for improving arm strength and dexterity. It’s lightweight and small string instrument, which make it a perfect choice for students who don’t want to carry bulky guitars or amps. It’s also a lot more versatile than some might think, as the violin’s not just for symphonies! With an amp and pedals, a violin can carry the role of a keyboard or guitar in a band, and when played as a fiddle, it becomes a whole different animal altogether.

Student in a private violin lesson

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Student playing violin in a concert


Violin’s a more popular choice over the viola, but for students who’d like to learn to play the violin’s larger cousin, we have two instructors ready to teach it! Viola uses a lower clef in music, and produces a slightly darker, richer sound, somewhere between a violin and a cello.

We offer several choices for teachers in violin, fiddle, and viola. You can learn a little more about them here, or you can go directly to our booking page and just see who’s available in the exact time slots that you need!

Local shops that carry violins and violas:

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Megan, one of our fabulous violin teachers, gives her personal recommendation for a student violin as the Franz Hoffman Beginning violin outfit from Shar. (And no, we don’t get commission from that!)

Violin vs. Fiddle

So what’s the difference? It’s actually the same instrument, just used in different musical styles. Violins are generally associated with classical and jazz music, while a fiddle is associated with folk, bluegrass, celtic, and country music. Or you can think of it this way -- violin music is beautiful, powerful, and graceful, while fiddle music is more rhythmically complex, with a strong drive and a beat that makes you want to dance! As a violin player, though, there’s no reason to label yourself as one or the other, though, since you’ve got the best of both worlds at your fingertips at all times.

We highly discourage buying a violin from Ebay or Amazon as there’s little guarantee as to the quality, and they’re not professionally set up. Playing on a low quality violin can be very demotivating, as it just won’t sound good, no matter how much you practice.

Students performing at a concert