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Singing & Vocal Coaching

Everyone’s got a voice, so everyone can sing, right? Well, yes and no. Singing is a natural, joyful thing to do, and we encourage everyone, everywhere to do it as much as possible!

If singing brings you joy, you’re already doing something right.

But like every other instrument, having a great voice takes practice. Singing well requires good posture, breathing from your abdomen, shaping your vowels correctly, controlling vocal dynamics, accurate pitch, smooth transitions from chest to head voice, confidence, and lots more. At Sense & Color, we can help you learn all the details you may not have known before, and practice them by singing music you love.

Student singing at a concert

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Student singing at a concert

Our goal is to help all our singers learn how to use their voices properly, and build the confidence and artistry needed to become not just a singer, but a performing artist! Our recitals are a great way for singers to get past their butterflies and sing in front of an encouraging audience, and for those who are ready, our student band program will put you right in the middle of the action, with a full band backing you up! Learning an instrument like acoustic guitar, ukulele, or piano can be a great addition to vocal lessons, since those instruments are perfect accompaniments for a solo singer. But if you’re more into musical theater or dream of being a charismatic lead singer for a band, come let our vocal instructors help you unleash your inner star!

We have several choices for vocal coaches and singing instructors. You can learn more about them here, or you can go directly to our booking page and just see who’s available in the exact time slots that you need!