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Private Music Lessons

Whether you’re a complete beginner or already a seasoned player, Sense & Color has a lot to offer, with half-hour and hour-long private lessons in acoustic and electric guitar, bass guitar, piano, drums, voice, violin and fiddle, viola, ukulele, and songwriting. Our teachers are patient, kind, and encouraging with our younger and beginner students, and for our advanced students, we have years of live stage experience and advanced techniques to pass on! Our goal isn’t just to teach students how to play an instrument, but to foster a love of music and live performance that will last a lifetime.

Teaching showing 2 boys how to read music

Our online booking system makes it easy to try a new instrument or teacher once or twice, just to test the waters. Once you find the perfect teacher and time, reserve that spot indefinitely with the monthly invoicing plan!

Personalized Curriculum

There’s no better way to keep students engaged is to get them excited about the music they’re playing -- and that means working with each student individually to develop a curriculum that includes music they already love. No two students are exactly the same, and their lessons shouldn’t be, either.

A Fire for Music

Austin’s well-known worldwide as a mecca for live music, and our teachers do Austin proud! We’re honored to work with incredible talent, and several of our current and past past teachers have been featured on major national and international stages. We have a real fire for music, and it shows.

Live Performance

The best way to build confidence is to perform, and the best way to get better at performing is to just do it! We hold major public performances 3-4 times a year, and smaller recitals at our school on a regular basis. We want all our students to feel the thrill of playing for friends and family every chance they get!