Music Lessons Plans and Rates


Book One at a Time

Pay by the lesson at a rate of $30 per half hour for any instrument or teacher. Great for new students trying out new teachers or instruments, or those with schedules that change frequently, since you can search our open spots in real-time, and book them instantly!

You can also log in to double-check your confirmed lesson times, and reschedule online as often as needed, as long as it’s at least 24 hours in advance.

NOTE: This option doesn't keep the same lesson time reserved for future weeks, but if you love your teacher and want to lock in your time permanently, you can move to the Monthly Plan, which will keep your time reserved!

Student tuning an electric guitar

Save Money With the Monthly Plan!

If you’re taking hour lessons, or more than one lesson per week (either one student or multiple family members), you’ll save money by switching to the monthly invoicing plan!

Student and teacher goofing off

The Monthly Plan

Once you've found the teacher and time that works best for you, keep that weekly time reserved permanently for a flat rate of $120/month for half hour lessons, or $230/month for hour lessons (automatic payment via credit card or bank draft is preferred for this option). Set it once and forget it, with no worries about other students booking your time!

The monthly plan is also great for students taking multiple instruments or families taking lessons together, since we offer a 5% discount on monthly invoices with more than one set of lessons. (For two siblings taking half hour lessons, that’s $12/month off!)

Students on the monthly invoicing plan can also log in online to see and reschedule their own lessons any time. To move from the online booking option to monthly invoices, just email the office and we’ll get you set up!