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Michael Boyd

Teacher Michael BoydOriginally from Syracuse NY, Michael Boyd has been teaching guitar, bass, and ukulele since 2000. After moving to Austin in 2008, Michael began teaching out of his home in Cedar Park with his wife Amy, and eventually, they opened Sense & Color School of Music together. In 2014, Michael and Amy moved to Charlotte, NC to be near family, and a smaller music school was founded in Charlotte. But as of Fall 2018, Mike has returned to Cedar Park, and he’s taking on new students at Sense & Color once again!

Michael is a well-loved teacher and performer with over 900+ live shows under his belt, in multiple bands and genres. He’s a patient instructor who works to help students not only learn how to play songs, but how to truly understand the theory behind the music, and how to think on their feet musically. He’s great with all ages and skill levels, from beginner players to the most advanced, and he’s also available during the days for adult students and homeschoolers.

(Note: Mike is the S&C Rock Band Academy director, so if you’re in the rock bands at Sense & Color and want your private instruction to be an extension of what you’re already working on in group practices, Mike is a good choice. Also — if you’re an advanced bass student looking for a master bass teacher, we recommend you stop reading now, and just book with Mike. He’s incredible on guitar, but he’s a BEAST on bass.)