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Guitar’s always been our most popular instrument! Every rock band needs at least one, and it’s a versatile and portable way to accompany yourself as a vocalist.

Should you go electric or acoustic? 

Acoustic guitars are perfect for solo artists, singer-songwriters, or fans of country, folk, pop, jazz, bluegrass, Celtic, or Latin music -- while electric guitars are a must for any rock, punk, jam, grunge, or blues band. Electrics are generally smaller and thinner than acoustic guitars, but a little heavier, and with softer strings instead of the steel strings of an acoustic.

Younger students often prefer electric guitars to acoustic because their softer strings are easier on tender fingers.

What size guitar should you choose?

Guitars come in many sizes, but we generally recommend going with the largest size the student can handle comfortably, since they’ll grow into it pretty quickly, and you’ll get a fuller sound from a larger guitar. Be sure to try before you buy! We don’t sell guitars ourselves, but you’re welcome to use one of ours during your first lesson, just to get your hands on one before making a decision. We know it’s tempting to buy cheap when you’re not sure whether you'll really take to an instrument, but resist that temptation! Cheap guitars don’t stay in tune well, and there’s nothing more DE-motivating than practicing with an out-of-tune guitar.

Student playing a guitar at a concert

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Student playing a guitar at a concert

If you want to test the waters before buying, we recommend renting from Rock N Roll Rentals on Burnet in North Austin.

(A note for our youngest students, and for seniors who might have pain in their fingers: don’t rule out the ukulele!)

To amp or not to amp?

Choose a guitar you can plug in, regardless of whether you want the acoustic or electric sound! Acoustic guitars can make sound without an amp, but if you ever want to use that guitar in a recital, student band, or talent show, you’ll need a way to amplify the sound, or you’ll be drowned out. Acoustic-electric guitars are acoustic guitars in every way, but can also be plugged into an amp when you need to. It’s the best of both worlds!

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