Allysa Grace

Teacher Allysa MartinezAllysa Grace was born and raised in Austin, TX, where she began playing piano at age 6. Since then, she added several other instruments to her repertoire, and graduated with an education degree from the University of Texas at Austin, where she played with UT jazz combos, UT ethnomusicology ensembles, and the University Orchestra. Allysa’s played in several notable original musical projects, including the dub/R&B group The Finest Kind, the romantic bolero group Trio Los Vigilantes, and touring Europe both as a solo artist and with the rock & blues band Tito and Tarantula. (Check out this awesome video interview of Allysa talking about her concert rig with Tito and Tarantula!)

Allysa’s original music has been described as raw, neo-soul, and jazz, with smooth piano, strings, and effortless vocals. Every year we love to see the new projects she takes on, and we couldn’t be more proud that our students get the opportunity to work with someone of her versatility and talent!

When she’s not touring Europe and the world, Allysa plays shows in Texas and organizes music-related community groups in Austin. Allysa has taught in both private lesson and classroom settings and loves to enrich her students’ lives through her love of music!