Word of mouth is everything for a local business, so to all our students and parents who have taken the time to post their reviews on Yelp, Google and Facebook, we can’t say thank you enough!


Mike & Amy are wonderful teachers and wonderful to work with. My guys have taken guitar lessons for 3-4 months now and they love it. They both have learned so much in this time. Thank you both!!

-Melissa H, 12/11/16 (Charlotte)

My 4 year old son has really enjoyed his time with Sense & Color school of music. He is learning piano/singing with Tracy and really enjoys class on Thursdays. We were attending a different school (Velocity) and had a really bad experience. So we are now dedicated to Sense & Color for their friendliness and awesome staff. He had his recital in August and had so much fun! He thoroughly enjoyed it! Thanks Sense & Color for being organized, passionate and a wonderful starting point for my son’s passion.

-Marcie A, 9/16/15 (Cedar Park)

I am an adult student and have been taking lessons with Mike for a few months and already have been amazed at the results. From the first lesson I was playing songs that I wanted to play instead of a method book, because of this I enjoy practicing. Mike is great at working valuable guitar fundamentals into songs you want to play, essentially tricking you into being better. I actually look forward to my lesson each week. In speaking to fellow students at the recent recital it is clear that younger students share my enthusiasm for Mike’s instructional technique. I strongly recommend Mike as a guitar teacher for both youth and adult students.     

– Grant G, 3/18/15 (Charlotte)

My 7 year old daughter cannot wait to get to her voice lessons each week with Amy. She has learned so much and I see how she has grown. She started with no experience but an ipod and hair brush in her room. 🙂 They had a wonderful holiday recital and it brough tears to my eyes. The students that also performed (piano, guitar, violen, etc.) were so very talented. I see the love and dedication of these teachers and the passion they pass along to thier students.     

– Michelle R, 2/4/14 (Cedar Park)

We’ve been very happy with Maggie’s progress and the enthusiasm that Allysa has fostered in her (no small accomplishment with a 13-year-old!) We love hearing increasingly confident jazz notes coming from Maggie’s room – even when no one has told her to practice! Amazing.

– Melissa B, 1/8/14 (Cedar Park)

My teenage daughter takes guitar and voice lessons here and LOVES it! The instructors really make the lessons personal by teaching the genres she likes and they introduce her to music that is new to her that she really enjoys. At home practice is awesome because of the material and the teachers inspiration. She has a smile on her face every time she shows us what she has learned. What more could a parent ask for? We are pleased with the cost of the lessons and with the results!

– Gloria P, 10/19/13 (Cedar Park)

I’ve been a guitar student at Sense and Color for over 3 years now. I absolutely love it. It’s made all the difference between really learning to play the guitar and just fiddling around with it. Mike does a great job of balancing theory with application, so you get a good grounding of both. My daughter is now taking Violin lessons and loving it. My wife has started vocal lessons as well. It’s a great school that caters to a wide range of musical talents. The owners are super nice and great to work with. The showcases they set up for their students are extremely well done and give students of all ages a chance to shine. I highly recommend them!  

– Randy J, 9/5/13 (Cedar Park)

My son Grayson takes Bass lessons and looks forward to going everytime. Michael has really kept him interested and is a wonderful teacher. I am so thankful we found Sense and Color!     

– Melissa G, 7/9/13 (Cedar Park)

Sense and Color School of Music ROCKS! As my 15 year old son says (he takes lessons from Mike) “Mike is so chill and, learning how to play bass from him is just like hanging with a friend and playing music together.” As a mom, I am so amazed at what my son has learned in a little over 2 years. When my son started he had only played a bass in orchestra for 1 year in middle school. Because of Mike, he has not only been playing bass, but is now learning to play the electric guitar and write music too!!! Sense and Color offered a band session in the Fall where they were able to play, perform live, and record as a band! This is the ONLY place to go to learn music and I am so blessed to have it in Cedar Park!!!! Amy and Mike are so talented and easy and wonderful to work with.     

– Dana K, 4/3/13 (Cedar Park)

My 9 year old has been taking lessons with Mike for a little over a year now. I am more and more impressed with this studio every time he comes home from lessons. They teach my son “cool” songs so he stays interested in what he is doing. Since going to these lessons he has gained a lot of confidence in what he is doing. He even goes as far as looking stuff up online to try to learn it so he can show Mr Mike how good he is getting. I recommend this studio to everyone I can!!! 

– Dustie S, 2/5/13 (Cedar Park)

My ten year old daughter has been taking guitar lessons at the school for almost nine months. Amanda, her teacher, does a great job making lessons educational and fun. My daughter enjoys learning current songs from Amanda. She is learning a lot which is very rewarding. The school itself is very organized and I appreciate that attention to detail. I would highly recommend this school to anyone looking for a music school that feels fun, safe, interesting, and appropriately challenging.

– Susan C, 10/16/12 (Cedar Park)

My son has been coming to the school for over a year and Wow has he done amazing! Not only is he in a band of his own but also a band formed for Sense and Color. He takes guitar lessons from Micheal and voice with Amy and loves them both. I would highly recommend it for anyone looking for a great investment into their musical background.  

– Cheryl B, 9/30/12 (Cedar Park)

My 11 year old daughter loves, loves, loves her voice lessons with Amy! She is a great instructor who guides patiently and encourages wholeheartedly. She has instilled a sense of self confidence in Olivia and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the progress we have seen. We can’t wait for the next performance!     

– Dannielle C, 9/29/12 (Cedar Park)

I am a 60 plus person trying to learn to play the acoustic guitar. Mike has been my teacher for almost 2 years. He is the 5th teacher I have had.  Without a doubt he is the best. I drive 90 miles weekly to take a one hour lesson with him. With his very busy schedule, I am amazed at how well he remembers my lessons from week to week and his ability to weave music theory into his guitar instruction. And  a brief word about Mike and Amy’s entrepreneurship, watching them grow their business has been impressive and a delight, to say the least.  

– Larry S, 8/31/12 (Cedar Park)

My son Hayden is 16 and we just moved here from Coeurd’alene, Idaho where Hayden had an amazingly talented guitar teacher who would be a tough act to follow. I heavily researched and it seemed that Michael Boyd had the criteria we were looking for and we couldn’t be more pleased.  Hayden has been very happy with him these past few weeks and is learning different things from Michael than he did from his other teacher which is really helping him excel. Michael is a very talented instructor who is very patient and seems to relate very well with my son and am sure he is great with anyone. I am hoping Hayden can be lead guitar in a band soon like he was in Idaho 🙂

– Connie H, 4/16/12 (Cedar Park)

Can’t say enough good things about Mike. I began lessons in May last year, and all I knew about guitar was 3 or 4 chords. After just a couple of lessons I was playing ‘Blackbird’ by the Beatles all the way through. Mike uses the perfect mix of music theory (and how it applies to the guitar) and teaching songs that apply that theory to enable his students to know not just how to play, but to understand what’s going on musically. I learned how to play much faster than I thought possible. If you’re looking for a great guitar instructor, look no further. Mike is the man!     

– Mark F, 1/11/12 (Cedar Park)

My son started going to Amanda at Michael Boyd’s place back in March and was already playing Paint it Black by the Rolling Stones in their May recital! Amanda is awesome with kids – my son is 12 and he feels like he can really talk to her and she’s taught him so much more than just the basics on the guitar. I love that she doesn’t just teach out of a book, like Lesson 1, Lesson 2, etc.  She teaches him how to play music he’s interested in and she gets him really excited about playing. Five big stars!!  

– Kristan B, 7/20/11 (Cedar Park)