Makeups, Cancellations, & Paid Vacation Policies

We’ve tried to put together answers to just about every question with regard to makeup lessons, student and teacher cancellations, bad weather closures, paid vacations, etc. Read on!

Do I get a makeup if I cancel a lesson?

As long as you’re canceling or rescheduling with at least 24 hours’ notice, YES!

We’re sorry, but we cannot reschedule or refund lessons cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice.

How do I reschedule a lesson?

As long as it’s at least 24 hours before your lesson time, you can reschedule your class to any other open spot with your same teacher, no problem! Just log into your account here:

Sense & Color Online Booking

Find the class you want to reschedule, and  click “reschedule.” Pick any open time with your same teacher, and you’re done! It’s that easy – and you’ll even get an email reminder 48 hours before your new class time in case you forget.

NOTE: Classes less than 24 hours away cannot be rescheduled or refunded, sorry!

If you want to reschedule to a different teacher or instrument, the process is a little different. First, log in and find the class you need to reschedule, then click “cancel.” We’ll get a notification that you cancelled that lesson, and a couple times per month, we’ll go through and issue makeup codes to all lessons that were cancelled for that month – and then you can use that makeup code to book any open lesson in our system, with any teacher or instrument. The process is still super easy, but it just takes a little longer — so if you *can* just reschedule it yourself with the same teacher, we highly recommend you do so.

How do I use a makeup code?
When we create a makeup code for you, it’s attached to your account with us. We’ll try to notify you each time we make one for you, but even if you don’t get the notification, you can still log in and see whether you have a code at any time. Each makeup code is good for one 30-minute lesson, so if you are an hour student, you will receive two codes for each cancelled lesson.
To use the codes:
First, log in to our booking page at Once you’re logged in, click the “Redeem Code” button, and if you have an unused makeup code on your account, it will be filled in automatically, and you’ll see all lesson prices reduced to $0. Then just book a lesson wherever you like. You’ll even get a reminder email 48 hours before the new lesson time in case you forget. 🙂
If you have multiple makeup codes on your account, just go through the process again to book another makeup lesson!
I need to cancel a lesson. Can I just get a credit on my bill?

Sorry, but we do not credit lessons cancelled by students. We tried that, way back when we started, but it wreaked havoc with our numbers and was just generally a bad thing for the business. We’ll credit lessons by request if *we* have to cancel a lesson on you, but if students want to keep their spots reserved, they do need to continue to pay for those spots.

But you can reschedule as many lessons you need, as long as you do it with at least 24 hours notice!

What happens when a teacher has to cancel a lesson?

We’ll try not to reschedule student lessons any more often than necessary, but sometimes we have no choice. If a teacher has to cancel a lesson —

  • We’ll notify students by email. If it’s the same day and we’re not sure the student has had time to see the notice, we’ll try calling as well. (So please keep your phone numbers with us current!)
  • We’ll cancel the lesson in our system, and issue a makeup code, which will let you re-book that lesson at any other open time, with any teacher.
  • If you request a credit instead, we will credit that lesson to your next bill, and cancel out the makeup code if we’ve already made it.
How do I know if I have makeups on my account?
Log in to our booking page at Once you’re logged in, click the “Redeem Code” button, and if you have an unused makeup code on your account, it will be filled in automatically, and you’ll see all lesson prices reduced to $0. If you don’t get a code filled in automatically, that means one of three things:
  • You don’t have any makeups owed… or…
  • Your makeup codes have expired (they expire 6 months after date of issue)… or…
  • You’re not actually logged in.

First make sure you’re logged in – then if you’re pretty certain you should have codes available, feel free to email us at Please note that if you cancelled a lesson very recently, we might just not have gotten to creating that makeup code yet, as we’ll only go through cancellations a couple times a month to create codes. (If you don’t want to wait for your makeup codes when you cancel lessons, try rescheduling lessons instead. That’s an instant process.)

Also – if you’re just creating an account for the first time and you don’t see the makeup codes you’re expecting, it may be because you didn’t have an account yet when we were creating makeup codes – and we need an account to link them to in order to create them. So if that’s the case, send us an email to let us know you’ve created your account, and we’ll get those codes made for you!

Can I give away my makeup lessons?

You paid for those lessons, so allocate them however you like – for siblings, parents, friends, bandmates, whoever! You’ll still need to be logged into your account to book them, and to the teacher, they’ll still see it listed as you — so if you do let someone else use your lesson time, just make sure they introduce themselves to the teacher and explain that they’re using your lesson time so there’s no confusion. 🙂

Can I take a break from lessons without paying?

If you want to keep your weekly spot reserved, you’ll still need to keep paying monthly, even during summer vacations or holiday breaks. But as long as we get at least 24 hours’ notice, you’re welcome to reschedule those missed lessons yourself, or you can cancel them, and we’ll issue you makeup codes to use when you return!

Of course, if you will be gone for weeks and want to take time off without paying, that’s fine! Just please note the following —

  • We cannot guarantee your spot will still be open when you return! Any spot that is not being paid for is open for booking online, so there’s always a chance it might be gone when you’re ready to start back. If you’re flexible on times, this may be no problem, but if there are only one or two spots that work for your schedule, please keep this in mind before letting that spot go.
  • Our teachers’ rates have gone up slightly over the years, and any time a student leaves and returns, they will be subject to the current rates for new students.
  • If you started with us before we implemented our one-month deposit policy, we may require a one-month deposit when you return. This is totally refundable, but we know that might seem a little confusing to anyone who wasn’t asked to pay that the first time around.
  • If you know you’ll come back, and you already paid the one-month deposit, we’re happy to hold onto it for you per request, and you won’t be asked to pay it again when you return.
How do your paid vacations work?

NOTE: PAID VACATIONS APPLY TO MONTHLY BILLING STUDENTS ONLY. If you are booking online and paying for each lesson individually, then you can just skip this whole section!


Approximately every three months, students will get five lessons instead of four, which means a free lesson every three months, or four free lessons per year. To even this out, teachers will take four weeks per year off, but the monthly payment in those months will remain the same.

These four vacation weeks are:

  • Spring Break (based on the LISD schedule for TX students, or the CMS schedule for NC students)
  • One week during summer (teacher’s choice)
  • Thanksgiving week
  • One week at Christmas

Note: If a paid vacation week falls within a student’s first month with us, they will not be asked to pay for that missed lesson.

Sometimes teachers will choose to work during these vacation weeks; when this happens, students are given the choice whether to take that week off, or take their regularly scheduled lesson and count it as a makeup lesson. (Another way to think about this is that students essentially only pay for 48 lessons per year, or four lessons per month. Any lessons over those 48 in a year are considered extra lessons, and count as makeups.)

What's your bad weather closure policy?

We will follow forecasts on to determine whether roads are safe enough to conduct lessons. Decisions on any given day to close the school will be made as early as possible, but no later than 11am. Check our Facebook pages below to see the official word on closures. If there’s nothing posted there, we are open for lessons!

Cedar Park Facebook page
Charlotte Facebook page

Note: Local schools being closed on a given day does not mean that we will automatically be closed! Our lessons don’t start until afternoon, so if forecasts show significant improvement by that time, we will be open. Any lessons cancelled by us due to bad weather will be made up at a future time.