Michael Boyd

Michael Boyd

Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Beginner Piano

Originally from New York, Michael Boyd is an experienced and well-loved music teacher, having taught private music lessons since 2000. Rather than follow a strict pre-set lesson plan, Mike works to find songs students enjoy, while also teaching the theory behind those songs – an approach that not only teaches how to play an instrument, but encourages a love and understanding of music. He’s also an excellent resource for music school students, offering tutoring in music theory, sightreading and audition preparation.

Michael plays lead guitar and electric bass in bands regularly, focusing largely on rock, jazz, and improvisation – although he’s played everything from blues, to country, to bluegrass, to hip-hop. Students will find him a gifted teacher, highly trained enough to improve even the best musicians, and patient enough to work with the most novice. (Kids love him too!)

Note – Mike’s excellent on guitar, but he’s phenomenal on bass. If you’re considering bass, definitely come try out a lesson! He also works with a number of ukulele students, ranging in age from 3 to 81. (Not kidding! So if your first question is going to be ‘Am I too old to pick up an instrument?’ — we’ll tell you right now the answer is a resounding NO.) Mike teaches beginner piano lessons as well, focused on a pop approach to understanding music and chords, and learning how to accompany yourself and others on the music you love.

Michael is the original Sense & Color instructor, and founded the school in Cedar Park, TX, with his wife Amy in 2008. It was the great word-of-mouth from his students that made our entire school possible!


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