Billing & Payment Info

How much do lessons cost?

Depends on how you book them!

If you book and pay online at this site for each lesson, they’re a set rate for each half hour slot, regardless of teacher ($27 per lesson in TX, $25 per lesson in NC). This is our simpler and more affordable option, with no deposits or invoices to worry about — BUT — there’s no guarantee that your time will be reserved for you beyond the lessons you’ve already paid for.

If you’d like to lock in your weekly time with a specific teacher, we can do that for a flat monthly fee, and that rate depends on which teacher you choose. Private lessons range from $105 – $120 per month for weekly half hour lessons, or $200 – $230 per month for weekly hour lessons.

Do you offer free consultations or trial lessons?

We don’t actually offer free trials or consultations, since our teachers are paid hourly for their time spent teaching, and we can’t ask them to spend time meeting with students without payment.

However, you’re welcome to book a single trial lesson online with no monthly commitment — and if you decide to sign up for monthly lessons after that, we’ll just prorate the first month to only charge for the remaining lessons left in that month.

In addition, if you sign up for lessons, but decide after the first lesson that you would like to try a different teacher or instrument, there’s no charge to switch. We want our students happy!

When are payments due?

If you’re booking lessons online, you’ll need to pay via Paypal or credit card before the lesson can be confirmed in our schedule.

If you’re a monthly student with a locked-in lesson time each week, we send out invoices automatically via email on the first of each month, and payment is due by the 15th. A 10% late fee is applied to payments received after the 15th.

If payment has not been received by the 14th, you’ll receive an automated email reminder. We understand that some months are harder than others, so we do try to work with students on payments – but communication is extremely important!

Do you send invoices?

We do send out invoices via email on the first of each month. NOTE: They are not sent as separate attachments, but rather as a link in the email – so  in order to actually see the invoice, you need to click on the link.

(That ‘clicking on the link’ part there is important – we get a lot of questions about invoices that could be easily answered by clicking on the link, and reading the itemized charges. Thanks!)

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept the following methods of payment:

  • Visa, MC or Discover, payable online or per invoice, or automatically charged on the 1st of every month
  • Check made out to Sense & Color
  • Cash (in an envelope labeled with your student’s name) given to your teacher
  • Online payment via Paypal (Just click the “Pay Online” link in your emailed monthly invoices)

In Cedar Park, please leave checks in the little black lockbox in the waiting room. In Charlotte, please give checks to your teacher.

Can I set up monthly auto-payments?

Yes! On your regular monthly invoice (not a pro-rated first month invoice, but a regular full-monthly-amount invoice), click the “Pay Online” button to pay with a credit card, and enter your credit card info. On the final screen, just before hitting the “Pay Now” button, look for an option at the bottom that reads “Pay this amount monthly,” and select that. The system will store your card info and charge the same amount monthly on the first, automatically. If you ever decide to cancel automatic payments, just let us know in email at least 48 hours before the 1st of the month, and we will cancel the recurring payments.

Are there any monthly contracts?

We do charge by the month, but there are no multi-month contracts.

If you ever decide to cancel lessons completely, just tell us in email at least 48 hours before your first lesson of the month, and there will be no more charges. It’s that easy!

Is there a registration fee or deposit to start?

There’s no registration fee to start, but we do require a one-month deposit, payable with your first month’s invoice. As long as you’re paid up in full when you cancel lessons, you will receive 100% of the deposit back, but if you stop paying or coming to lessons without notifying us, the deposit will be kept to pay for your final month.

NOTE: If you set up automatic credit card payments at the time we start your monthly invoices, we will waive that first month deposit! Just be sure to let us know that you plan to put a card on file.

What if I start in the middle of a month?

For a student’s FIRST MONTH only, the charge will be based on the number of lessons remaining in the month when they start, so if a student starts on the 2nd lesson of a 5-lesson month, they will still be charged for four lessons, or a full month’s rate. All months after that will be the flat monthly rate, if you’re on a monthly billing plan. If you’re paying per-lesson and booking online, then it’s pretty self-explanatory – i.e., you pay per lesson. 🙂

Do you offer discounts for multiple family members?

We offer a $10/month discount for parent-child or sibling combos, or for students taking multiple lessons (i.e. drums and guitar, or guitar and voice, etc). For each additional class taken within the same family, we’ll add an extra $5/month discount.

Note: There’s no sibling discount for lessons booked online, since those lessons are already less expensive than the monthly billing rates.

How do I cancel lessons permanently?

In order to cancel lessons, just notify the office in email at least 48 hours before the first lesson of the month, and there will be no more charges. As long as you have paid for the current month when you cancel, you will receive your full deposit back! We’re sorry, but we do not offer refunds for canceling before the end of the month – so be sure to let us know *before* your last month starts!

1. If you’re on a monthly billing plan, canceling lessons through our online booking system will NOT stop the monthly invoices, as our monthly billing and the online scheduling are two different systems. If you want to stop monthly invoices, you need to tell the office in email!

2. Letting your teacher know you are stopping lessons is an appreciated gesture, but teachers do not handle student billing — so if you do not notify the office, you will still be charged for lessons!

Late payment policies

We really try  to work with people on payments, but communication is crucial! We pay our teachers each week for our students’ reserved lesson times, which means that if you don’t specifically let us know you won’t be there at least 24 hours in advance, then we are paying our of our own pocket for your lesson.

Late Fees (16 days after invoice)

Invoices are sent on the first of the month, and a 10% late fee is added to invoices not paid by the 16th. We send email reminders on the 14th.

One Month Past Due (30 days after invoice)

If payment is not made within the month, and the next invoice is issued before the last one has been paid, you will receive an email letting you know that we still have not received payment, and we will try to contact you by phone as well. If you respond and we can work out a payment date, we’re happy to work with you! But if there is no payment and no response by 45 days, we move into…

Collections (45 days after invoice)

When payments are 45 days past due (a month and a half after the invoice is sent), and we’ve had no response to our requests for payment, it goes into collections mode. At that point, we will add a $10 collections fee, remove the student from our schedule, apply the deposit towards the past due balance, and begin using every method we have to contact you for the remaining balance.

After Two 30-Day Late Payments

If payments have been 30 days late twice within a 12-month period (meaning that on two separate occasions, the next invoice was issued before the last one was paid), and there was no contact or response from you regarding the late payments, we will require an automatic credit card draft be set up in order to continue lessons.

The bottom line:

We really hate to nag for money, but we’re not a big corporation, and we pay out of our pocket for lessons when they happen. Please help us keep payments current – and if you ever need a little extra time to pay, be sure to contact us!